Deep frown line treatment

Deep frown lines are a common problem as we age for a variety of reasons including:

  • Prolonged time tasks causing eye strain
  • Weaker skin structure
  • Hyperactive glabellar (frown muscles)
  • constant worry

Treatment of deep frown lines present at rest can be transformative to an individuals appearance and the way they feel about themselves.

Today clients can choose various treatment to correct deep wrinkles affectedIng the frown and forehead.

Combined approaches to deep frown line such as botulinum toxin muscle relaxation, hyaluronic acid filler and platelets rich plasma for skin
Effective results to instantly achieve ive correction of a deep frown line


The development of deep frown lines is commonly seen particularly with the rise of prolonged periods of time on screens.

Early wrinkle relaxing treatment can prevent static wrinkles. However established deep frown lines need multiple modalities to achieve results.

Dr Ali
Dr Ali
The clinic is led by Dr Ali Hassan MBBS (Merit), FRCOphth, MSc(Merit), PGDip, Ali is experienced in aesthetic medicine and carries out advanced level treatments including thread lifting. Ali has extensive clinical and research expertise in platelet rich plasma rejuvenation for skin and dry eye diseases.

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