Aesthetics Medicine Mentoring and Education

Dr Ali Hassan offers one-to-one mentoring in the art and science of platelet rich plasma rejuvenation for skin. He has conducted national PRP aesthetic masterclasses for this exciting therapy. In his clinical ophthalmic research (MD Res) Dr Hassan conducts research into the effects of haemoderivatives such as PRP and serum on the ocular surface epithelium.

Dr Hassan has also completed his MSc in aesthetic medicine and for his dissertation studied the effects of platelet rich plasma on skin.

With a unique treatment protocol and technique Dr Hassan is able to deliver visible results with PRP for skin rejuvenation which clients notice within 2 -4 weeks. We also offer training for PRP for hair follicle rescue and maintenance.

If you wish to learn this technique on a one to one basis please contact: Medira Ltd who supply CE marked high quality PRP kits and centrifuges. They will provide a free PRP kit for each training session.

Why not hit the ground running with this highly potent therapy which most clients can benefit from…?

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We can supply models or bring your own. (NB: Training for doctors, dentists, nurses and trained injectors only)