Peri-ocular Ageing

The skin around the eyes is the thinnest in the body and the signs of ageing can be challenging to treat. Many aesthetics procedures to the rest of the face are highly effective however this can mean the changes around the eyes are more noticeable giving a tired appearance.

Some of the common signs of ageing around the eyes include: –

  • Crows feet
  • Dark circles
  • Tear trough volume loss
  • Excess skin
  • Eye bags (fat pad prolapse)
  • Fine lines
  • Lax skin

Botulinum toxin wrinkle relaxing treatment is effective for ‘crows feet’ which appear to the sides of our face but cannot fully treat the lines appearing on our lower eyelid due to the risk to the muscles holding up our cheek and mouth becoming relaxed resulting in a face droop.

Dermal fillers are highly effective at restoring lost volume and filling hollows including tear troughs, however use around the eyes must be judicious as it can result in swelling and nodules due to the very thin eyelid skin.

Eyelash lengthening and eyebrow enhancement is a great way to accentuate features of the eyes to draw attention away from other signs of ageing around the eyes.


Peri-ocular Aesthetics Treatments

Conservative measures to reduce the appearance of ageing around the eyes (skin moisturising and massage, cosmetics, anti-ageing serums) are often effective however can fall short with time. Most clients with have already tried most of these and will wish to proceed with interventions to reduce the appearance of ageing around their eyes.

Interventional treatments for scar management include: –

Your doctor will discuss the treatments with you and what can realistically be achieved. An individual plan tailored to you will be prepared.