Platelet Rich Plasma Rejuvenation of the skin with autologous growth factors

Platelets rich people (PRP) is injection treatment into the skin which uses your body’s own healing factors to as a potent  and long lasting anti-ageing treatment. It can actually be used anywhere on the body and particularly benefits those with sun damaged skin, hair thinning and acne



What is platelet rich plasma (PRP)?

Platelet rich plasma rejuvenation is a great way to rejuvenate skin from the inside out through the use of your body’s own growth factors.

Blood comprises of red blood cells and plasma, the plasma contains platelets, which repair tissue damage through the release of growth factors. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) has been used in many fields of medicine to repair tissues including joints, tendons, wounds and even as eye drops for corneal diseases.

PRP injected under the skin stimulates skin cells into rejuvenating themselves and laying down the essential building blocks like collagen and elastin. This results in thicker, stronger, smoother, brighter skin. The same growth factors can also boost hair growth.

Clinical data show that PRP promotes skin tissue regeneration through growth factors derived from platelets

Skin PRP before and after


Indications and uses of PRP

  • Photo ageing (sun damage)
  • Fine lines, pigmentation, skin blotches
  • Skin laxity
  • Thin atrophic skin (anywhere)
  • Dry skin
  • Hair thinning
  • Acne. scar tissue remodelling
  • Ageing hands (mixed with hyaluronic acid)
  • Female and male genitalia (for tissue rejuvenation and heightened  sensitivity)

How is PRP done?

The total procedure time approximately 50 minutes when treatment is for the dace.

  1. Consent and baseline skin photos
  2. Skin is prepared with antiseptic
  3. Anaesthetic cream is applied
  4. Blood is extracted from the arm
  5. Blood is spun in a centrifuge for 10 minutes to separate plasma from red cells
  6. Normal saline, local anaesthetic and hyaluronic acid may be added to the plasma
  7. Multiple tiny (micro-drop) superficial injections are administered starting with most problematic are
  8. Skin is cleansed and witch-hazel is applied

PRP skin treatment

ProductProcedureCostEffect durationDowntime
Face PRP45 mins£4009 months +2 – 3 days
Face PRP + hyaluronic acid45 mins£4509 months +2 – 3 days
Hair PRP + dermaroller    45 mins£350    NA   Course of 8 recommended to stimulate maximum hair follicle potential1 day


Combined PRP and botulinum toxin wrinkle reduction