lip-fillers-beforelip injection after

Boost Lip Volume Rejuvenate the Peri-oral structures with Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

  • Caucasian female mid-40s with the following issues: thin lips, marionette lines, downward projected mouth commissures and volume loss in both lips and maxilla
  • Underwent a (2 mL) treatment of hyaluronic acid (Restylane ®) filler treatment
  • This instantly enhanced lip and maxilla volume whilst creating definition to the lip (vermillion) border and upper lip to nose (philtrum) columns.
  • Stronger dermal tissue structure in clients allows for easier tactical placement of the hyaluronic acid filler to build of structural "support" in the dermis. Allowing us to easily smooth out 'marionette lines and turn-up the mouth-corners.

Hyaluronic acid (Restylane ®) filler treatment (2 mL) for lip enhancement and rejuvenation around the mouth and maxilla