stimulate repair and regeneration of your skin with platelet growth factors

Platelet rich plasma PRP skin treatment

Platelet rich plasma rejuvenation is a great way to stimulate repair and regeneration of your skin from the inside out through the use of your body’s own growth factors. Platelets have the ability to secrete growth factors and proteins which repair damaged tissue and support the maintenance of the cellular environment. PRP has been used in many fields of medicine to repair tissues including skin grafts, joints, tendons, wounds and even as eye drops for corneal diseases.
As we age the cumulative skin damage caused by UV exposure, pollutants, systemic disease, poor diet, medications and ageing in general leads to atrophic changes in all layers of our skin which can be reversed with autologous (your own) growth factors derived from a small amount of blood (11 mL) which is drawn from your arm into a special closed system kit. This treatment can be mixed with other aesthetic treatments including hyaluronic acid skin hydrating injectable to achieve stimulation of the deeper dermis, achieving an overall potent effect for clients with diffuse and multiple lines and photo-ageing. The powerful tissue stimulation and regenerative properties of PRP can be used to thicken the skin and reverse atrophic changes which cause fine lines, age related pigmentary changes, blotches, skin laxity, visible small telangiectatic blood vessels. Photo-ageing of the neck and décolleté can also be treated with PRP. PRP treatment can be combined with collagen induction treatments like fillers, micro-needling and chemical peels to treat acne scars and stretch marks. The use of PRP for hair loss to stimulate follicle rescue and restoration is also available.
platelet rich plasma for skin at simplyskin clinic earls court



  • Results noted within 4 weeks (gradual)
    • Mild bruising, mild swelling and redness is normal after the procedure
      • Avoid touching the skin for 4 hours
      • Avoid application of any skincare product for 24 hours
      • Avoid further aesthetic treatments for 2 weeks
      • Paracetamol is usually sufficient for analgesia
      • Risks: pain, bruising, bleeding, inflammation
      • Rare: change in skin pigmentation


A small amount of blood (11 mL) which is drawn from your arm into a special closed system kit that allows us to spin and extract the PRP. The resulting straw coloured liquid is then injected into the superficial layers of the skin using a micro droplet (0.05 mL) with the thinnest needles available (sourced from and manufactured only in Japan) across the entire area/s being treated. A standard 11 mL blood spin will produce 6 mL of PRP which can cover most of the face. In most clients a single treatment will last for 9-12 months.

Consent and photograph

We will discuss the indication for filler, its risks and ask you to sign a consent form

Skin preparation

Please do not attend this treatment with make-up on. The skin will be cleansed with witch hazel and anaesthetic skin cream will be applied.

PRP is prepared from your own blood

An 11 mL bottle of blood is collected from a vein in your arm and spun in a special kit which safely produces around 6mL of usable PRP product

PRP injection into treatment areas

The PRP is carefully placed into the superficial layer of the skin using a micro droplet 0.05 mL technique with tiny needles


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) 6 mL


Full face treatment


Platelet Rich Plasma + Hyaluronic acid (PRP+HA)


Dermal and epidermal rejuvenation treatment


Platelet Rich Plasma x 2 sessions (4-5 weeks apart)


Recommended for complex skin types and moderate to severe photo-aged skin

Platelet rich plasma PRP skin treatments at SimplySkin Aesthetic Medicine Clinic at Apple & Eve Beauty, Earls Court, London